Just for fun, I trudged through the snow and listened to the gentle blizzard from within the warm room(40 degrees F) of the RedBarn.  Five brimming full, weathered wood crates of  October apples, now dwindled down to a single layer in one.  Each season pleasantly blends into the next, with home grown fruit.  Thoughts turned to the two pies baked, a few days back, savored one piece at a time, down to the single last piece in the dish, under the white towel on the kitchen counter.

Somewhere, I read a tip about fancyin’ up your apple pie.  You can drizzle a little carmel topping on, sprinkle with pecans and now you are serving ‘carmel-apple pie’!    Since the last piece sat uneaten into the morning hours I decided to give it a try.

Just as sweet as the new twist on apple pie is the new book I brought home from my evening out at Java Jules to meet author, Athena Kildegaard, from Morris, Minnesota.   Hearing the voice that belongs to the written word is simply the best.  Somehow adulthood demands that you give up, for the most part, being read to and learn to do it for yourself.  I do quite a lot of reading but being read to. . . . .pure joy!  In her book, “Cloves and Honey,” Athena  shares from her project of writing a poem, around the subject of love, every day for a year.  You can open any page and find a smile or a new light on a simple fact of life.  I’ll keep it on my ‘inspirational’ shelf, as it is a book I plan to keep.  Every now and then you need someone to talk to you about love.

Athena, you’ve got me thinking in terms of my own loves; a few trees still bearing fruit in my father’s long-deserted orchard, white milk glass plate saved from mother’s things, a flower left from my last week birthday bouquet.  I gave the carmel- apple pie to the kid home on break, for breakfast, and . . . .he loved it!


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