Irish Cream Biscotti

Celebrating the  ‘wearin’ of the green’ brings a good time for all who enter in!  I met a woman today who  just got back from Ireland and shared with me that she is 85% Irish.  She talked longingly of the  rolling lands of green, the Irish pubs, large mugs of beer and the lilting voices of the Dublin folks who  so generously  welcomed her to the land of her ancestors.  With a far away look in her eye she sighed, “I’d get right back on that plane tomorrow and make the nine-hour trip all over again if someone asked me to.”  I believe you would, Mary!

When I feel like messing up the kitchen, one of my favorite things to do is to create a new-to-me flavor of biscotti.  I’m rather proud of the tender crisp texture and the lovely blended flavor tones that merge to please the taster in this latest batch. . .with a touch of Irish Cream.  All the while in the kitchen, I was dreaming of the land across the ocean; the  immigrants to America, Irish whiskey, grazing sheep on rocky shore, dancing and clogging. . .potato bread, stew, shamrocks, leprechauns . . .    I’ll share the recipe with you the best I can.     So you say, only a mixed up Norwegian-German farm girl from western Minnesota would choose to put an Irish twist on an Italian cookie concept.  Say what you will, you are going to love the biscotti!



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