Kitchen Window

Many times I’ve said, to myself, “I should write a book about all of the things I have seen out of my little north kitchen window while living at this RedBarn place in the countryside.”  There was the wild pig one year.  I was SO thankful that all of the  kids were somehow in the house at the time.  How about a herd of dairy cows, on the loose, stopping to rest right on top of my large backyard flower garden full of huge, white, prized Alaska daisies?  It was a classic scene and I can’t think about it without laughing aloud. They had the whole of Big Stone County to roam and they are on top of MY garden!  One especially beautiful cow lifted her  black and white head, turned slowly and set her big eyes right at me. . . . a clump of my daisies hanging out the side of her mouth. I felt like Granny, from the Beverly Hill Billies; jumping and exclaiming and mad as a hornet!  Years later, our farm friend, Doug, is still apologizing when the story comes up.  I always give the same reply,” I was a farm girl and had to help my dad ‘chase cows’ many times.  I understand.”  Besides, how can you stay mad at a cow?

In case I do write the book, suppose I better save some stories.   It was nice of the colorful pheasant to stop by today, pose by the old wooden chairs. . . .and wait for me to glance out the window.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Window

  1. It is amazing some of the things that can happen, especially when we are looking out and actually seeing. Nice shot, it is like he knew you were taking a picture. that my friend will make a great card.

    1. Hi, Teresa! You are right;we all can ‘write our own book’ about what we see. Any more Eagle sightings from Morris to Wheaton?

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