Make It Beautiful

“Make It Beautiful”, is the title of chapter 10 in Martha Stewart’s book, “The Martha Rules.”  She has a knack for discussing essential business elements and then giving a project her final ‘beauty test’ to see if it passes.  Having hung on tightly during the roller coaster ride of life, Martha is one fine example of perseverance.   I admire her but could never match her grit!  She may say,”So what.  You’re not me, but use what you’ve got and make the most of it.” (she might also say, “don’t make up things that I have never said for your blog, Becky”)

There is beauty all around; inner, outer, among our homes and families in Minnesota and around the world.  No need to apologize for finding joy in beauty. In fact, the world needs more of it.  Another famous for perseverance, Anne Frank, wrote, “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” As we each give a little and do what we can, to bring safety and hope to the many in the world who are desperately waiting, we will need to attach Anne’s spirit of courage.  I watched a short video of the atrocities occurring among and happening to the  children forced to partake in wars around the world.  If I were somehow not affected by what I saw. . . I would wonder if I had a soul at all.

My daughter, Gina, sent me the beautiful bouquet!     She has an eye for beauty paired with a heart for those in need. . . .especially the children.   Sending up a prayer, from chilly Minnesota, that the ugliness of war can slow and the efforts to ‘make it beautiful’ can gain momentum in the dark and frightening corners of this world.



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