Red,Red Robin

“Hey, I just flew in from Florida and yes. . . . . my wings are tired!  Go ahead, stare all you want. Don’t suppose you can say it’s Spring until I show up.  Well, I’m here now so I hope you’re happy.   Just so you know, I own this lawn shed, every worm in your yard, every fly in the sky. . . .every piece of dried up crappy fruit you put in that feeder.  Got a problem with that?  Shoo, I got to help Ma build the nest!”

About beckystattelman

"Greetings" from the girl who lives by, not in, the RedBarn. It is my pleasure to have you visit the RedBarn online. If you are the one who longs to live in the countryside than this site was made just for YOU. For already-in-the-countryside friends who simply want to visit western Minnesota. . . .nice to have you too. It was a tough choice all those years ago; fashion design, the lure of the city or settling down and growing roots in the countryside. I'm thankful for the life I've been given and the beautiful people that share it with me.