Scrambled RedBarn Eggs

The day starts out better when we have a tasty, substantial item on our plate for breakfast!  One of my favorites involves scrambling up an egg or two and serving it between the halves of a cinnamon raisin bagel.

There’s a good number of us chicken-lovers among the city folk and in the countryside.  Some of us have the real live birds- for better or worse. We all have our own collection of chicken and rooster related items to dust and enjoy.  It makes the kitchen so pleasant, colorful and homey!  Each treasure has a tale to tell.

Today I am taunting a few of the roosters by showing them my egg breakfast.   A copper rooster watering can  could be called ‘a guy with a purpose.’  The Pottery Barn bowl, a gift from son and daughter-in-law Willis and Meghan, is simply very special and shows off classy Mr. Leghorn. Should I tell you about the black cast iron rooster?  Ah yes, my good friend, Michelle, shared the pair of them with me a few years back.  Her loving parents, both passed on, had  different feelings about the proudly crowing black fellows,  living high on the shelf in their farmhouse kitchen near Odessa.  The little story she gave me makes my gift all the more  cherished .  Michelle said, “Here, you take these for your rooster collection.   Mom hated these things.  I kind of do too!  The cast iron rooster is supposed to be a symbol of fertility; probably why she hated them.  She must have thought she had enough of us kids running around.  Dad loved them and would never let Mom get rid of them. ”  Leo, you rascal!


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