Pardon me, if I get a little carried away when it comes to tulips.  For this country girl they are the ultimate sign of spring and joy.  I saw my first clump of the green spike leaves breaking through today on a walk with baby Ben.  He is 1- 1/2 year-old JOY!

Tulips seem to tell the story of survival,in a pleasant way.  We can learn so much from the plants and animals around us when we pause to look and listen.  In springs of past I can recall tulips swaying and bending in the wind, stems and petals hanging on for dear life.  At times they push up and are ready to open as  late snow arrives. They must endure what they had hoped to miss.

In order to thrive as people, and to encourage our joyful creative side, we must stay open to the small gifts in life.  Every tulip popping up around neighborhoods and in country gardens was put there by someone at sometime for one reason; joy. Opening our hearts to the joyful flow of receiving the small gifts in life. . . . .sounds easy enough.  In truth, we get quite caught up in the ‘big things’ and have to continually slow our step, breathe deeply and remember to marvel at the tulips. . . .each spring.

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