Winter Structure

In the country gardens, we admire the plants left to create winter structure. How about our Big Stone County, ‘countryside of life’, RedBarn acreage in general?  Things collect, move in and rarely out. . . .and we inch right up to the edge of “junky” in the structure department.  The whole family shares that burden of having a little “junker” blood. . . .including me.

The new snow helps out so much!  Everyone’s junk looks better with the fresh structure the snow topping creates.  Our cute little home-made Christmas-gift-bird-house is sporting quite a snow-hat.  The lawn shed, full with 30 years of junk, looks almost quaint and the old outhouse is peeking out proudly at the edge of the woods.  If you look hard you can see a spiral staircase and three levels of stick-built treehouse hiding in those woods; an ‘engineered’ floating bridge  on the top-level.   No shortage of creativity in the junk collectors that have grown up at the RedBarn and never a shortage of good junk to choose from when creating more structure.  I’m getting a little excited to create a new-old outside structure for spring!

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