Winter Walk In Prior Township

It’s a special privilege to live along the township road that goes past the RedBarn.  Really!  You can go for a walk and hear any traffic coming from either direction.  Quite often you will complete your walk with no cars passing. Oh, there are some times that seem a little busier. During spring planting and fall harvest you want to give your farm neighbors respect and a little extra space to get the job done.

When we have young children  playing in the yard it is common to see a neighbor slow down on the road. . .just because it’s the neighborly and right thing to do.  These are the same neighbors who make plans to keep the roads in good condition; pot holes filled, new gravel when needed and snow plowed so we can go about our busy lives. . .even on a winter day .   It’s a comforting thought to know someone is looking out for you and your family.

And there they are. . .one of my special young families!   Thinking like a little bundled up boy, could there be anything more wonderful than having  Mom and Dad pulling you, in your own little sled, gliding down the snow-packed township road?

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