Auction Sale

Ahhh, the lure of the auction sale.   A dispersal of one’s life time earthy goods?  I considered it a big day. . . . .hadn’t been to an auction sale in the past few years.   It’s a huge amount of fun for some; a reflective, emotional day for others.  Growing up on a farm, I think I am accustomed to ‘farm sights’.  Still, I felt astonished, and encouraged, to see that so many ‘farm-style’ folks  would lace up their boots, drive the short(or long) distance it took to bring them to Ole’s on-the-homeplace auction and lift their hand in the air to bid.  The auctioneer’s chatter and bad jokes caused most of us to provide a new dwelling for an item or two. . . of ‘necessity’.

Looking over the farm machinery , many contraptions having been pulled by a team of horses, certainly took me back.  The ‘good old days’ were a large measure of plain hard work for most folks!   Stories passed down, over the dinner table or during a walk on a first spring day,often stay with us as family treasures and visions of earlier days on the farm.   As a child,I recall a few items hanging around the farm, that never got used, with no idea what they were for.  Simply there to remind us. . . .of that hard work on the farm put forth by those in the past.

The b-b ques at the lunch wagon were superb!  Good man, Wally Wolf, came by and helped me get my new little table down the road and loaded in the car(he laughed when I told him I’ve had a vision of him as an angel when it comes time for heaven).  Heard through the grapevine that my brother-in-law bought a building for $10, with plans that my son will dismantle and save the wood.  After I’d  gone home, of course.  Can’t deny how great it must feel to have an uncle who shares your  good taste in  weathered-grey siding boards, son.  Ah, yes, the lure of the auction hits us all!



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