Early Country Morning

We all share the same 24 hours that each day of life brings to us.  How we use them, experience them and ever even see them comes in a vast array of time arrangements.  There’s this phenomena called ‘sunrise’ that I personally had not seen in a long time.  At least not in a state of being dressed, outside,camera in hand and smiling(almost)about it.  Today was the day!  An epiphenomenal(I don’t know if this is a real word but I like it) moment occurred where I was found saying,”Please, can we stop the car? Beautiful sky!  The sun’s not even up yet and I don’t remember when last I would have seen that happen.”   My husband agreed.  He was sure it had been  awhile.

With electricity coming to the farm, it’s been a few years now, folks don’t have to align their day with the rising and setting of the sun so much as earlier generations did.  I’m a total fan of sunsets and never have been what they call a ‘morning person’.  This early country morning scene, right before the sun popped over the horizon, was worth hitting the brakes for.  Maybe you saw it too. Hope your scene was just as tremendous as the colorful sky aglow out here on a little gravel road in Big Stone County!

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