Easter Week

Another holiday!  Easter celebrations serve to bring families together and to spur the egg economy.  There is also that part about our faith.  I have a  note on my office magnet tray that takes me to my faith place in an immediate way.  It says, “In moments of deep reflection. . . .consider the birth, life and sacrifice of our Lord.”

Once again, the little things become the big things.  Our family met up, a couple of years back, on a beautiful Easter weekend in North Mankato.  The author of the message found written out on the front steps, reminding the Easter Bunny of his importance, has remained anonymous to this day.  I have a few carvings around my RedBarn farmhouse that resemble the straight forward, early elementary font that the author used in the request.  Let’s see, who do I know that would have carved a big “W” inside the door of my oak kitchen cabinet?  I’ve grown to love it.

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