Favorite Things

High school drama team, in Ortonville, Minnesota,  just finished an amazing production of the ‘Sound of Music’.  Meer children they were, children of people I know well, booming out the throaty songs and clear, convincing lines of the script.  All week the little phrase,”these are a few of my favorite things” keeps swelling up loud in my head.  I do love ‘bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens’ but hey, I have my own list too.  That tremendous song, speaking about all of the beautiful little pleasures of life that keep us cheerful from season to season.

If I’d been there to prod Mr. Hammerstein II along I would have begged him to work in ‘ferns unfurling’.   A magic sight in spring; bright green curls of tender, lacy growth. . . .all wound up and waiting for the perfect moment to let go.    What’s on your favorites list?

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