Filling Up Pots

Gardening and potting, as hobby activities, are  well covered in volumes of books and stacks of magazines. There are hundreds of excellent tips to try, plants to choose, soil to prepare, drainage and light requirements to discuss.  Winter is a good time for reading.

When the season hits, and you’re craving vintage, you can do what I do.  Go out into the woods, find a couple of coveted old pails, dig up some dirt and shove your plants in!   You might get a weed or two.  Most likely, you will begin  a potted project that spends the rest of the summer working to please you, and your treasured rust-bucket find, with lush and beautiful growth.

It was nice to hear from all of you who love ‘chipped paint’ items as much as I do.  Bet you have a collection of vintage pots, pails and old wash basins for summer planting, don’t you?  Nothing against the new pots in the stores except. . . .we don’t want them.  Our old, dented and banged up ones are so much more fun to fill. . . . and gaze upon for a summer day.   Fill ’em up!


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