Fishing Big Stone Lake

We were talking about life, one night over a perfectly tended campfire  with glowing embers, when friend Cal piped up, “Well, nothing is as important as fishing.”   The circle of visitors around the fire laughed. . .all except Cal.  He was serious!

Fishing ‘opener’ on Big Stone Lake, headwaters of the Minnesota River,  ranks high among the days we look forward to. Something like another holiday.  Sure, you must remember to buy your fishing license and a few minnows but not much more; no cooking a meal, gift buying, cleaning the house.  When you say yes, to an evening of fishing, you come back home with a cheerful attitude, a lighter step and you don’t care nearly as much about the dishes in the sink or when the last time you ran the vacuum was.  You have a new perspective on life.

Cal knew he was right. Taking a couple of hours to go fishing feels important; similar to ‘smelling the roses’.    I better call and tell him so.  Being ‘right’ once in a while feels good and he deserves to know.  My fishing partner was right too when he said, “Tonight’s the night, honey.  We’re going to catch us a few walleye.”   Moments to remember. . .important ones.

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  1. So true, Becky. Opening fishing weekend here on Parker Bay is like a holiday without all that “preparation”. Hands full of walleye and a reflection of someone capturing life as you do . . . . Randy is a lucky guy!

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