Honey, I’m Home

Oh Sweetie, y’all know there’s no place like home now, don’t y’all?  Honey, I tell ya, that bed a mine sure done felt good on that back a mine last night.

My big sister once told me, during one of our late night kitchen table chats, that having an interest in so many things is a wonderful trait yet just might be my curse in the end.  I think of her  words whenever I get to feeling scattered; mind going one way, heart in another, hands busy with yet another task. . . .the list of things I love and want to do a mile long and growing.   Affections of the heart tussle between the wander-lust of travel and the joy to be found in simply stayin’ home!

I’ve been on a trip to ‘the South’.  Today is my day to reflect, smile about the things I saw and the wonderful people I was blessed to enjoy. I’m washing clothes, unpacking my treasures, stretching out my kinked up back and muttering, “Thank you, Jesus, for bringing me back home, across all of those other states, safely to my precious home and family in Minnesota.”  My friend and traveling partner, Liz, spent three days studying with some amazing granite etching artists in Elberton, Georgia.  During those days I was turned loose in the  Georgia countryside to photograph barns and animals, stop at yard sales, visit with shopkeepers and dig out a little southern history. Bliss!  Then there was Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois and Iowa with stories of their own.

Honey, there really is ‘no place like home’ and I promise not to give you a bad time about all of that old lumber settin’ down there by the barn, messin’ up the place.   At least not for a few days.

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  1. Welcome home! Missed BeckyRedBarn’s outlook on life while you were gone. Have grown fond of hearing about “the Countryside of Life”. Glad your back.

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