Pelican Rapids

Someone say, “road trip?”  The ‘one-nighters’ are the best to pack for!  In 15 minutes I can have; essentials tossed in a small bag, camera, toothbrush, a tank of gas and my hubby. . . . in the car and on the road. (He may have a different version of our packing experience.)   Most of our mini-trips, out of Big Stone County, find us in a hurry to get to an event or in a hurry to get back home to duties calling.  Strangely, we had a little more time built-in for this trip.  The dash clock said 1:00 p.m.,  as we passed the put-together Riverside Bistro in Pelican Rapids, and my tummy needed lunch.  It was a good experience and I am happy to share it with you!

If a bistro review  needs to be about the food. . .I’ll get there.  It’s ‘people first’, for me!  I’d like to tell you that meeting  Terri Gray,owner, was delightful from start to finish.  In true Minnesota kind fashion, Terri answered all of our questions as if it were the first time she’d been asked-I doubt that. ( My husband, “Will I fit under that culvert in a kayak?”  Terri politely, ” We don’t start you there-it’s down the river a bit.”) Excuse me, I need time for a silent eye-roll.   In short; interesting menu(morning til night some days), wine and beer, all sorts of coffee, sodas, pastries, beautiful bed and breakfast facilities upstairs, kayaks and bikes to rent, and a breathtaking river running right outside her door.    I saw her husband serving  plates of his 12 hour-slow-roasted beef brisket, tumbling out of a bun the size of a small loaf!  I ate the pizza crust that he has worked so hard to perfect. . . .and approved.

Next time you need a mini adventure, tell Mapquest, your GPS, or yourself to stay on MN Hwy #59 and make a little stop on main street of Pelican Rapids to visit Terri.  She will feed you, show you around her lovely establishment. . .and you will be happy that you stopped.

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