The Egg Door

Picking eggs is among the large chores on the RedBarn ponderosa. . . .for visiting little girls.  You can climb up on the chair, open the egg door and peek under the wind flap to see who or what you will find at any given moment. It’s your lucky turn to capture the prize if there happens to be an egg or few in the nest.

Little-girl-questions are endless when it comes to eggs,” Grandma, how do the hens make eggs?  You said they are healthy eggs because you feed the hens pumpkin seeds and other good food.  How does the food get into the egg?  Does any of that, ah, poop, get through the shell?  Why doesn’t Rooster Joe lay eggs?  There are only 5 eggs today.  Who didn’t lay one?  Which hen do you like the best, Grandma? Who’s the nicest?  I bet Jaycee laid this huge brown one!  Why do they all lay their eggs in one box?  I like scrambled eggs the best.  Have they ever pecked your hand when you reached in, Grandma?  Are they sad that we take their eggs?”

I don’t have all of the answers but I do know it’s a good thing we talked Grandpa into building the egg door in the side of the chicken coop.  It sure is a big deal when a little girl can twist the latch and  pick the eggs. . . .all by herself!



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