A Crafting Day

Oh my aching back!  What I call the ‘front garden’ at the RedBarn needed an overhaul this spring.  Grass had crept in, iris in solid, wrangled-root clumps and the beautiful mounds of wild oregano. . . .so dense the power tiller could not even dig through it!  The farm fields around us needed a good rain and my-oh-my back needed a break from digging with a shovel.

Rainy days seem to arouse the creative spirit and put me in the mood for a country craft creation.  After choosing a few  favorite RedBarn images, taking them to my printer and having them printed on unbleached muslin; I was eager to get creating.  Visions of a country scene pillow collection have been dancing in my head.  Success!  I have completed TWO pillows!

The extra fun part of working with your own photographic images?  You can take a photo of your photo next to the items in the photo!  I’m loving this project and my back is almost ready to start digging again.   I’m ready to share; let me know if you want to be in a drawing to have one of your very own RedBarn pillows,ok?

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2 thoughts on “A Crafting Day

  1. Great pillow idea! Count me in for the drawing. PS my flower beds at the office sound like your garden. I also have some serious “back” work ahead of me there. This rain should make it easier. Sat on porch last evening watching the lightning and listening to the thunder and rain. Love this time of year!

    1. Thanks, Becky! You are right-the grass is pulling so nicely after the rain. Hope we get a peek at the full moon tonight.

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