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Each morning I pull a book off my shelf and open it randomly to see what Mother Karma will choose as my guiding insight for the day.  It keeps me entertained and starts the day on a thoughtful, or hilarious, note-depending on how it works out.  I awoke with the sun streaming in my window and head full of happy thoughts about time spent on the golf course yesterday.  My quirky little game handed me a quote,”The joy of life is to put out one’s power in some natural and useful or harmless way”, Oliver Wendell Holmes.

In respect to my golf game, the only word I can match up is ‘harmless’.  I didn’t hurt anyone, although I did hit a couple of trees.  We teamed up with Barb and Rick for a pleasant 9 holes.  They both are ‘naturals’ at this game and Randy can make it look easy at times also.  I do recall telling Rick, while Barb was sinking a long putt, that I work on remembering the good things when I am done with a round.  Better do it; 8 iron is working well for near the green, drive is decent when I don’t take such a whopping big back swing, 4 wood likes me when I keep my head down through the swing, enjoyed the time with Barb and Rick, good to chat with Brenda,  fun to visit on the outdoor deck with Bernie and Sharon, lovely weather and the cheese-burger  hit the spot.

A friend called and wants to golf this afternoon!  Oliver, I’ve got a million things to do in the yard and gardens!  What is the meaning of this?  I can’t say no, I need the practice, love to spend time with Deb,  should get some use out of my membership, the Ortonville course is in great shape and it looks like another splendid-weather Minnesota day.  Maybe, I’m  supposed to  be working on the ‘joy of life’?  Ok, I got the message! I’ll keep hoping that ‘natural and useful’ find a place in my day. . . .later!



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