Happy May Day

When it comes to flowers, everyone smiles!  I stopped in at Bonnie’s, small but ultra full and efficient Clinton, Minnesota neighborhood grocery store, to soak in the view of plants and flowers  in her just-filled green house.  The green house officially opens today, not yesterday when I was there.  Bonnie said cheerfully, “If you see something you want-bring it in.  I’ve got the prices in my head.”  Bonnie can’t really be accused of favoritism. . . . she treats every one of her customers like that.

I was inspired by all of that beauty,took my box of plants home from Bonnie’s and decided to act on it.  Most days I have a dozen things in my head that I honestly think I am able to accomplish.  As the day winds on, I rethink my list, lower my number and choose ONE that jumps out.  Hey, it’s May Day and I should honor ONE friend with a homemade, ‘RedBarn style’ of May Day planter!

The world is full(overflowing in fact) with items that the gift industry has us wanting to believe will make the perfect gift.    You have to be really lucky and do something really special to find one of my ‘kinda messy’ old-pail planters setting by your door!(This time it contains: one plant St. John’s Wort, four giant pansy, three white lobelia, a chunk of hosta from my backyard and a little piece of my heart).  Happy May Day!


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