Lily of the Valley

There are days when I don’t slow down and take the time to enjoy the ‘little flowers’.  Aren’t we always on the run for some reason?

Last night I said “yes” to the , yelled across the yard, invitation to jump in the truck for a quick ‘catch some fish’ trip down to the dock.  My Concordia(Moorhead) college boy really likes fishin’!!!   People keep asking him what his major is-maybe he should start saying “fishin”.  Couldn’t produce any more quizzical looks than ‘philosophy’ does.   Once you get into the truck your whole world slows down and you have time for anything that comes your way.  (unless the sun is setting-then you just hang on and hope you make it to the lake)

We walked past a bed of Lily of the Valley.  Simply lovely little bells of white, perfume rich, hiding low along the edge of the woods.  They would be easy to miss.  I’m thankful for the 10 minutes that I was able to give to them; enjoy, smell and photograph.  The fish did bite and I still found time to stop and smell the ‘little flowers’.  Now, that’s a good evening at the lake.

Had to hustle when I heard, “Mom, get the net!”

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