Minnesota Vacations

Last Friday evening found hubby and me, out with friends and enjoying sizzling hot steak fajita, at the beautiful Lakewood Supper Club on Big Stone Lake near Ortonville, MN.  When you are with good friends, that know you well, the conversation and laughter can jump around; anywhere it feels like going.  All week long, I’ve cherished that evening.  The food was superb, yet most of my thoughts have been about our friends and the fun chatter we shared.

“Are you going on any vacations this summer?  Where have you been, in Minnesota, that you really liked the most?  I had the best time last fall at that little get together you had after pheasant hunting.  Remember how we stayed outside ’til late, around the campfire in your backyard?  Oh, that was a beautiful evening! ”

It’s amusing to think back over some of the summer vacations we have taken and consider which elements of those times have remained ‘stuck’ in memory.  There was Duluth(packed full with Glensheen tour, riding the Queen-something out on the water, trudging up the side hills, touring the big rusty docked boat, standing in line for ice cream that we couldn’t afford).  We have a little captain’s hat floating around the house from that trip.  I can remember my little curly-haired boy, with a big smile on his face, wearing it proudly.  The kids love to talk about how the air conditioning in the Ford Taurus station wagon died on the way home from that vacation.   Outside temperature that July day was 103 degrees.  Somewhere, near Park Rapids, we stopped the car and let them all dash into a lake. . .with their clothes on.  There you go. . . .unforgettable vacation moments!

No kids, two night stay at Manhattan Beach, near Crosslake, MN, slept late and golfed a couple of area courses.  What do I remember?   We sat on bar stools one night and listened to a sweet and witty bartender talk about all that he learns from vacationing folks who sit on the bar stools.  I’ve retained a ‘feeling’ about that place; the slow-paced, old lovely resort, near the water feel that you get while watching ‘Dirty Dancing’.   I’d go there again.

I’m seeing a pattern here.  It’s the little things that you really bother to remember. . .on any vacation.  Ahhhh, summer in Minnesota, seems like a vacation. Even when you simply stay home and enjoy the backyard with friends.  Such a nice surprise; to find a colorful, winged fellow  warming himself on the rocks of the backyard fire pit.  Hmmmm.  Wonder if he’s on vacation.

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