Redneck Humor

Sun is shining in Big Stone County, most of the farm fields have been planted and now we will spend the remainder of our cherished Minnesota summer watching the crops grow.  Don’t think that sounds like a fulfilling thing to do?  In the real-farmers, countryside of life that IS fulfilling!!

Oh, we throw a little redneck humor around the neighborhood just to keep ourselves amused.  Don’t you love the question, “What is a redneck?”   So many creative(redneck) answers to that question.  Just had a concerning thought, “Redneck, might describe those of us who really think we aren’t.”  Ah, an open and ever-changing kind of word we have here.  Whew!  I’m not alone in this.

So, I’m drivin’ along watching my neighbor kick up some dust, while planting his spring crops, and have to hit the brakes and give a hearty laugh at the toilet seat some funny-guy has hung on a fence post.  I agree, there are times when you really need to, ahhh, ‘go’, and the options are few in the countryside.  Which one of my good neighbors is ‘aiming’ to please?  Tee-hee.   I’m a little worried about that post being right in the middle.

All of us rednecks are lovin’ the new reason to smile .  Come on out!

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