Sparrow Watching

Sparrow: Why are you watching me?

Becky:  You’re cute.  Since you and your sweetheart are filling up that bird house you must have decided to move in.  That makes us neighbors.

Sparrow:    We won’t bother you or cause any trouble.

Becky:  I know.  Good luck with your nest-building.  It’s a peaceful, serene day; with the determination you are showing you might get it all done this afternoon.

Sparrow:  It’s a little noisy back here with all of the finches, wrens and orioles.

Becky:  No kidding.  Join the concert.  Fill your tiny lungs and sing your own song, little Sparrow.   There is no greater joy than to define your inner stirring and  get going on it-like you are.  You birds seem to understand how to do that in harmony, order and agreement.  I’ll be working over here at the potting table.  Welcome to the yard.

Sparrow:   Simple, down-to-earth, words of kindness sure make a bird’s life more relaxed and the day a much happier one. Thanks!

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