Wagon Wheel

A pleasant weekend, topped off with an addition to my outdoor decorator junk collection!  Daughter Gina(giving me her Vanna pose) scouted out an old wooden wagon wheel for me to set against the RedBarn.   It’s time to get the pots filled , junk strategically placed and complete the summer outdoor decorating.  That old donkey has got to go.  And possibly the apple wood stick man can find a garden to stand in instead of hanging out on the barn door.  There’s a pretty pink bicycle hiding out in one of the sheds that would look fantastic with some flowers spilling out of the front basket.

Might be my favorite time of year. . . .playing outside with all of my good old junk!  Thank you, Gina, and give my thanks to the little old man in Mankato who saved the wagon wheel, in his shed, for all those years.  That was nice!

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