Becky Finds Terrace, Minnesota

Just over the bend and around the hill. . . .I found the fairytale village that my Big Stone Arts Council friends had been crowing about.  To my extreme delight, I traveled on back roads(only an hour from the RedBarn) that I’d never seen before!  It was a familiar road until I passed Clontarf; then the terrain began to change.  I slowed down and gawked through the tiny town of Swift Falls, while shouting out the window,”I’ll be back.  You’re beautiful!”   Winding roads, hills, rivers, waterfalls, cows out to pasture, summer road work. . . .all of the things we country girls love.

A quick turn off of Hwy #104, driving down into the picturesque Chippewa River Valley and there I was. . . .parked in front of the historic Terrace Mill.  It’s a beautiful surprise out in the middle of a very rural area.  The mill holds a huge amount of history along with the Wheeler Art Gallery.

My friend Doug, had called one day a few weeks back, and said, “Hey, Dear, we are invited to show our art work at the gallery in Terrace.  Can you get together five pieces? ”  I explained that I had been putting some of my photo images to work on pillows, canvas and my new ‘barn bags’ that will be ready by early fall.  He said that would work.   It’s fun to be among artists who are open to any style or media.   So exciting to think about all of the artistic creation that goes on in our area of western Minnesota.  Such an honor to be invited to share our creations at Terrace.

The place is a ‘must-see’.  The art is superb.  The back roads in getting there. . . .worth the drive!  (

Beautiful scenery in every direction you look at Terrace Mill!
Big Stone Arts Council Friends: Jerry Parker, Joelie Hicks, Deb Larson, Liz Rackl, Skylar Larson, Patti Holtquist, Edie Barrett, JoAn Melchild, Doug Holtquist, Becky Stattelman(90 degree day and still smiling)
Doug and Deb discussing her painting projects.

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