Big Stone Lake Moment

Awwwwwwwe!  If there is a perfect day in Minnesota. . . . this could be it!  Beautiful June day, graciously still adding minutes of daylight. . .seeming to sing of the outdoors.  There is the pool, the golf course, the garden, the bike trail, hiking in the refuge, wandering in the state parks,  walking down the road, the lake. . . .awe yes, the lake!   Do you know what happens when you step onto the pontoon, the driver takes off and you leave the shore behind you?  It’s a beautiful thing; all of your cares and worries stay back on shore!  Oh, they will be there to pick up when your ride is done.  I’ve heard, from our biker friends, that the same beautiful thing happens when they don their helmets and hop on the bike.   Outdoor recreational BLISS sets in!

In this neck-of-the-woods the lake, Big Stone, is 26 miles long.  It’s a fantastic pontoon ride, cruisin’ up the  Minnesota side and back down along the South Dakota shores.  The bikers take the highway, of course, and enjoy some breathtaking lake view panoramas riding along the high bluff areas.

Getting outside and loving every minute of Minnesota summer joy!

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