Here’s the scene:  I’m standing in the RedBarn lab(kitchen), clock says 6:30 p.m., I met ‘lumber guy’ in his red truck(husband)going the other way as I turned into the driveway a few minutes ago.

It’s ‘screen porch’ weather in western Minnesota.  We have been eating our dinner together in that spot whenever we can.  Oh well!  On the brighter side, I am hungry and my brain has been stuck on a photo of brushetta, that I saw on Martha’s food blog,(heart starts beating faster). . . . all day long!

I’m thinking, “Don’t just stand here,  start digging in the fridge and use whatever you have.  Get excited, you are cooking for one and it’s you!  Here’s an opportunity to actually use something green that is growing in your herb box. Make it, eat it and get it out of your head!”

A little tomato, garlic, spinach, fresh parsley, avocado, pepper, olive oil, basil, and a sprinkle of feta.   So pretty, so delish, healthy  and fun to create.




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