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Hey now, that was FUN!  I joined up with pals, Mo and Becky, to support the tour of lake homes. It was put together by a local group called Citizens For Big Stone Lake, who work hard to create good things for man and nature.

In the middle of the lake stands an inhabited island known as Manhattan(or Lakota).  The island, with it’s ‘huck fin’ raft load of stories, holds a little mystery,  for those who have never been on it.  This was the big chance to catch a glimpse of who and what is on the island.  Over twenty years ago the island housed a fully functioning  summer camp, owned by the Sioux Falls, South Dakota YMCA.  Times changed, the island was sold and now the property is owned and enjoyed by many.

Three of the fourteen cabin-owners on the island got up early and did what all respectable folks do on a Saturday morning when company is coming;mow, weed, dust, shower, make the beds, hide the junk, straighten the piles,mix up the lemonade, paint the front door and put on a smile!  If their cabins look that good every day of the summer(and they might). . . .the rest of us should be shedding big dripping tears of inadequacy.

Pontoon captain, Charlie and  his first-mate, Sandy, welcomed us onto their pontoon and ferried us to an easy landing on island shores.    Perfectly adorable Minnesota cabins, perfectly beautiful Minnesota summer weather and perfectly kind and generous voices floating through the screen door, “Come-awwwn-in.” With that inviting, island-time, summer-cabiny feel going on inside it was  hard to push myself toward the door.  After a polite time length of cabin  loitering and sight-seeing, my friends and I followed the path down to peek in the gates of the well attended pool party going on.

When people open their cabins. . . .just to let the rest of us gawk. . . .it must be for a good cause.  It was! 

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4 thoughts on “Cabin Tour

    1. These people spend most of the summer on the island and are so welcoming. When we are going that way we will call you, Dan.

  1. Becky,
    You captured the island tour so well!! What a lovely place and what a treat to see the homes and meet the people and learn about the history of the YMCA Camp!! I also enjoyed seeing Dennis and Jean Schentzel’s lovely home as well as Hartford Beach. The second annual Big Stone Lake Home Tour was again a lovely event. It is too bad there were not more folks attending and enjoying and appreciating Big Stone Lake. Let’s get onboard next year and help spread the word!!
    It’s also a great way to spend time with friends!

    1. Thanks, Mo! We sure had fun, didn’t we? I loved the Schentzel’s home too but, for the life of me, could not recall their name. Nice you could.

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