Cute Little Back Road Surprise

When I’m driving on the road home, from just about anywhere, my country-girl soul takes over and I feel the steering wheel begging me to let it find the back roads! It was a beautiful summer day and I turned off to drive the road that heads north toward Strandburg, South Dakota.  I marveled at the sun glinting on the waving pasture grass, stopped to snap a photo of a beautifully desolate old school in the process of falling down, observed a huge herd of all-black cows spread out on the hillside of a large pasture acreage and then, right in front of me on the road, was to be my little country surprise of the day. . . .five goats clippety-clapping down the warm, paved roadway.   They moved over when they saw me, even stopping to have a little conversation.  Mostly, they listened, as I scolded them, ” You are some mighty fine-looking goats out here on the road.  You better get home before someone with a trailer comes by.  If I had one it would be tempting to load you darlins’ up and take you home!”

I smiled all the way home. . . .about the great things you see on the back roads. . . .in the countryside of life!


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