Dear Old Dad

Father’s Day was full and pleasant, we survived an ugly thunderstorm and Monday morning brought new obligations to address. . . .here at the RedBarn and elsewhere, to be sure.   I’m still thinking about the ‘dad thing’.  They do come in all shapes, sizes and varieties, don’t they?  We’re fortunate if we have a dad, or someone who fills that role for us.  A calm and loving dad is a bonus!

It had been a perfectly fine summer day earlier, when Charlie and Eliza  set sail on our old, beat-up pontoon with plans to catch a few fish and take a swim.  A storm can roll in fast, across the low South Dakota hills, whipping up wind and waves on Big Stone Lake.   I’ve experienced that.  Yikes!   As the storm drew closer and the tornado warnings started flashing across the bottom of the TV screen, Dad started getting excited.  He made a few calls and found someone who had seen them in the pool on the island. . . .more phone calls, two loyal friends(both dads)promising to locate the kids and decide what would be best.  It really does take a village to make it happen some days, doesn’t it?

Dear Old Dad was afraid they would have trouble getting the pontoon loaded on the trailer, with the strong wind that had come up.  He drove down to help out at the Meadowbrook landing.  The kids arrived on shore safely and were thankful for the extra hand.

Darn, I just love the classic moments when Dad has to choose between “I’m so happy you’re safe” and “you wrecked what?”  We have four wonderful adult children who were, as kids go, not that bad of kids. Yet, I could fill a book with the classic moments of kid-has-to-tell-dad-the-truth.   Dad’s voice always has a remarkably calm tone when it produces words such as ,”You did what to the brand new lawn mower?  Who was driving the car when it hit the tree?    Any idea who left the water running upstairs all day?  You’re saying the dog broke the windshield on the snowmobile?   Where were you when you hit the rock in the lake?”   Only thing I can figure out?  He must have had his own book, full of classic moments during the growing up years, to guide him as a dad.


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