How Does Your Garden Grow?

Everywhere I go lately, seems the conversation takes a turn and I am being asked, “So, Becky, how is your garden doing?”   It feels like weather-talk. . . . where I conjure up an answer to be polite and honestly don’t give a dark thunder-cloud what the weather is up to.  Really, I could be a little touchy on this subject. My garden has never been one of those perfectly manicured squares of productive earth, that you see in some yards, and I’m not about to start offering tours.   My friend Liz,  designs curly paths and color coordinates the growing plants to create ‘garden art’.  Can you feel my pain?

I love to laugh and turn insecure thoughts right over on their head sometimes. . .just to entertain myself and to stay in a positive mental state. I love Liz too. . .perfect garden and all!  A smile on my lips, as I say to myself, ” Maybe it’s a sign.  Everyone keeps asking about your garden.  Think about the good that comes along with the act of gardening.  Look closely and take note of the miracles you might have growing down in that patch of lovely Big Stone County earth, with the groovy fence around it, below the RedBarn.  Look right past those weeds and see the beauty! You can do it!”

Six year old Livi planted the whole row of onions.  They are pretty!  A gift to myself; the row of sweet-smelling Stock is lovely next to the carrots.    I was surprised to see all of the plants that are blooming today: potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, beans.  Hurray, I  picked two bite-sized Kohlrabi to serve as the first taste of home-grown food!  Nothing prettier than a Nasturtium plant or a clump of green tomatoes.

How’s my garden doing?  Oh, it’s really, really beautiful this year and doing quite fine, thank you!




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