Livi’s Week at the RedBarn

My life has been blessed with an “American Girl” collection of granddaughters!   Each one has her own special story and each one is. . . .a special doll!   In late spring six-year-old Miss Livi declared, “Grandma, this summer I am coming to stay with you for a whole week”!

The week is rolling by, Livi seems happy-as-a-lark, and I am building up my store of smiles and sweet summer time memories with  this precious child.  Last night, after our bedtime routine of; me singing the ‘lullaby’ song, prayers said for everyone and everything we can think of, back-rub and discussing the entire day’s activity, Livi said, “Grandma, do you want to know why I love you so much”?  What kind of Grandma would keep walking out of the dark room with that request hanging in the air?  She finished, “It’s because you are the only Grandma I know who can get a tiller started on the second pull.”   Well now, I might have forgotten to add that to my Grandma resume.

So far Livi has chased a loose chicken, planted, weeded and watered like a trooper, picked eggs and weighed them to see which one of the six is really the biggest,  dumped my jewelry drawer out and fessed up,talked me into a daily game of Candy Land and stacked the deck, designed a tea party with 40 stuffed animals attending, talked me into driving to town just to buy her favorite juice, ‘white grape with mango and peach’, and is keeping a Grandparent chart. . . .we get a star for each thing we do to spoil her.   If laughter is the best medicine, I am having a healthy week.  The one liners just keep coming, “Grandma, did you know that you look like Cindy Loo Hoo’s mom with your hair on top of your head?”  I reply, “I’d better get two stars on my chart for that crack, smarty pants.”

Yesterday we hit the road and made us a shopping trip to Milbank, South Dakota.  I was searching through the fabric piles, with the best ‘fabric person’ I know, Clarice, to find a pillow backing for a project I am supposed to be finishing for a gallery.  A little voice at the end of the aisle said,”Grandma, what are these picture things?  What are they for?”  I replied, “Oh, those are called patterns.  You lay them on fabric, cut out the pieces, sew them together and, waa-laa, you have a dress.”   The little voice chirped, “Cool, can you make ME a dress, Grandma?”   As I am kicking myself for making it sound so easy, I also hear the word, ‘suuuuuure’, come out of my mouth.  Choosing the fabric was a big decision, for Livi.  Starting with white brocade, moving on to large pink roses on a green background, exclaiming over the bolt of summer flip-flop print. . . . .eyes wide and sure as she spotted the piece called ‘ombre rainbow’.  Now, Clarice has worked in fabric for years and is always helpful but mentioned that she doesn’t get to sell fabric for a dress just everyday.   Gee, could it be that it takes time to sew up a garment from scratch?

We carried our packages into the house, put the world on hold and five hours later( 30 minutes of digging through boxes to locate some interfacing) Livi is smiling from ear to ear and telling me that I am the best Grandma in the whole world.   Fabric and notions and scraps and threads. . . . strewn all over the dining room, as we head outdoors for the photo-shoot.  Let it be known. . . . .the world of fashion design/modeling is alive and well in the RedBarn countryside of life!

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