Big Stone Lake People

Whoo-hoo, we’re goin’ on the lake!!  That seems like it should be a quick and easy thing to do. . . .since my RedBarn spot in life is only one mile from ‘the lake’.  Anyone who goes on the lake only occasionally, like we do,  understands that it takes some doing; choose the moment, life-jackets, food, drinks, check the motor, make sure you have someone to drive behind you since the brake lights on the trailer don’t work, run to town for a bag of ice, find your swim trunks. . . .just in case.

It was a beautiful day-worth every little extra effort it may have taken to get on the lake!  On this day the lake was happily full of boaters, fisher-folks and water-loving kiddos.  With camera packed, I decided to take a ‘snap’ of unsuspecting crafts that shared the water.  Let me know if you see yourself, ok?  It’s a big lake and it’s a lucky day if  you pass someone you know.  That is why it was so much fun when we passed a fishing boat, filled with three guys and a pretty lady, and noticed it was my good friend Deb!  As an east coast girl, she loves the water and flung us kisses with her arms thrown wide!   The wind had picked up and I was lucky to even catch a ‘ behind shot’ of her in her fashionable white swim cover!   My daughter, Gina, and I threw some kisses back and. . . .it added a big smile to our day.    Gina did not smile so much about the snake who thought we were land and wanted to come into our boat!  Another story to tell her grandchildren some day!  Hey, check out Tim McGraw-he was on our boat too!

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