Detroit Lakes Kids Come For a Visit

What started out as an ordinary busy Monday got even busier. . . .in a really good way!  Son Joe, called and matter-of-factly said,”Hi Mom, we’re coming down and we’d like to golf, all of us.  Can you and Dad come too?”

Those ‘busy things’ that seem so darn important?  We all know that they really. . . .aren’t!   Hugs, kisses, nice-to-see-ya’s and we are headed off to the Ortonville Golf Course.  One might  think that a public golf course is not a good place to bring little kids.  To be sure, there are times when that would be true.   It can be a great place for kids to practice their manners; things like showing respect for others by remaining quiet, sharing the course by letting others play through and being especially careful near the greens.   On Monday night the golf course was quiet, beautiful and God blessed us with golfers on the course who seemed to be, well, happy for us to have our  family come visit.

Here comes Jade!  He and son,Charlie, played on the boys golf team together. . .Jade still does-he’s good too.  He has a spot in our hearts and gave us a big Monday night smile.  Awe, Sharon Watkins!  Sharon stopped to chat and ask  how many grandchildren we have now.  When I said, “Six going on eight” she replied, “Becky, do you know how lucky you are?”  Her smile told me that she was happy to see us out with our family.  It’s a pleasure to watch her swing too!  We moved aside on hole #6 for Jeff Taylor.  I’ve seen Jeff with his grandson and I know he understands.  Thanks, Jeff!

Grandpa managed to ‘break 40’, sneak in a few ‘fatherly visits’ with Joe and keep track of whose turn it was to help  steer the cart.  Little Josie is the sweetest baby you could ask for, on the course and off, and was more than happy to help us sink a putt.  The big girls, Shayla and Haley, were able to take a few swings and show us what they have been learning at summer golf lessons in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.  Beautiful daughter-in-law, Kari, has a straight, long drive and Joe can really smash it!

What could have been an ordinary Monday night, for us RedBarn folks in Big Stone County, now gets marked down as extraordinary;kids, grandkids, beautiful July evening on the Ortonville Golf Course. . . . nice!

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