Handmade Things Take a Little ‘Doing’

The process is longer. . .when you get an idea in your head and decide to make it yourself.  But, my oh my, the reward is so much larger and you genuinely have something of value.  A young friend of mine has decided to make his living as a potter.  I snagged these prize pieces at a recent sale he held on a street corner in nearby Clinton, Minnesota.  Anyone who knows me well knows that little pitchers are one of my ‘gotta have it’ weaknesses.  The wine stoppers. . . .artsy little touch in life!  Just imagine all of the steps involved in creating, forming, firing and glazing.

Last March a friend called me on her way to work one morning and excitedly said, “Can you drive down to Mom’s and take a few shots of our little waterfall?  It’s so pretty with the new snow that has fallen.”   I tramped around in the snow for an hour and took some various shots of the lovely late winter scenery.  Tough job, right?   Within the next couple of months she decided on her favorite photo and requested 4 copies; all framed with barn board.  I smiled and chirped, “Sure, I can do that.”  Who am I kidding?  I can’t do that!  Better call in my life-line.

Son Charlie bought and tore down an old farm-yard granary (ah, not an easy task but one he enjoyed). He owns the stash of wood, stacked in the basement of the RedBarn, that we go to when picture-framing talk begins..  ‘Lumber-guy-husband’ designed the frame, chose the lengths of board, cut the glass and delivered all to my great-nephew, Nate.  Dear carpenter Nate agreed to put the frames together and really did a nice job.  The delivery continued on back here to the RedBarn where I cleaned the glass, matted the photos, cut the backings and got to push in the little ‘thingies’ that hold everything in place.  Whew, I can do something.  Ring, ring, “Hi girlfriend, your pretty little waterfall photos are all ready for ya’.  Want me to drop them off?”

Did I mention that it takes just a little longer when you decide to go ‘handmade’?  And that those handmade  things . . . .take a little doin’?    Worth it!




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