Playing With Flowers

It’s a RedBarn-joy-in-the-countryside day when I take some time to host a flower photo shoot in the barn!  Frankly, I have to be in the right mood!  It’s called, giving myself permission to play.  It’s my work, honest!  Having Minnesota morning temperatures drop into the 70’s and spotting some dear to my heart flowers in bloom, on my way to fill the horses water tank  this morning, reminded me. . . .it feels like a good day to create some new card shots and. . . . play  with the flowers.

I’ll share a few of my Sony packin’ photo-shoot secrets!  Bright, single-stem beauties with rich color are my favorite subjects.  I’m also a sucker for texture; rust, natural fabrics, old porcelain pitchers and barn wood.  Think through all of the traditional ‘rules’ that make a good photo and then be sure to break them.  That’s my rule.    Not generally a fan of the whole ‘twisted angle’ look we see used in portrait photography lately.  If used sparingly, it can create a carefree twist on the right floral composition.

Sounds a little ‘flowery’ but really, when you’re playing with flowers, the flowers that touch your heart make the best photos.  What does that mean?  The day lilies were a gift from my mama, the dahlia bulbs came as a Mother’s Day package from little Livi and the pink Gerber Daisy. . .I’ve killed a few so this one is really fortunate to be lookin’ good near the end of  a hot July and deserves to land on the front of a card. . . .quick!

 New life for one old cream can!



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