Joy in the countryside at the RedBarn!  Sometimes the little things in life have been there so long that we forget. . . .how joyful they are!  When the calendar is showing me the last half of July I start appreciating the rhubarb, that I soon won’t have growing freely, just a little more.  Rhubarb has a history and pops up often in stories of the ‘good old kitchen days’ on the farm.  It’s still such a delicious item to cook with and I love my big old rhubarb clump.

How did I get that  rhubarb plant started?  Many years back, my neighbor, Birdie, drove into my yard and asked me if I had rhubarb.  I said,” No, but I wish I did.”  Sure enough, in good country neighbor style, Birdie and her husband stopped over the next morning with a freshly dug clump of rhubarb and even helped me plant it.  Some of life’s little things I forget and some stay with me forever.  I can still see their smiling faces and even the country house dress that Birdie wore that day.  It’s inspiring to consider how, seemingly small, gestures of kindness tend to live on and keep on giving.

Lovely Eliza baked and brought a gift of Rhubarb Bread to my home  in May.  It was so mouth-watering good . . . .another thing  I won’t forget.   After some browsing, I’ve chosen the lucky recipe to get all mixed up in the RedBarn kitchen later today. Does Rhubarb-Cherry Sauce served over grilled pork chops sound good to you?  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.  I’ll let you know if my week-end company approves.  Maybe they would like some rhubarb shortcake too!




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