The Plant to Plant

Summer heat has set in and the number one topic of conversation is finding something to complain about.  Did I say that?  I have found myself complaining and need to stop it. . . .right now!!!  How about I share one of my fun secrets for all of my flower gardening friends?

When buying a few plants in late spring, I raised up two  4 inch pots of light green and said to the smiling, little bit dirty lady taking care of the nursery,”What can you tell me about these?  I’ve never heard of them.”   She replied confidently, “Just buy them, they trail nicely and will fill out and keep you happy all summer.”  Once in a while, like at that moment, I’m really smart and I listen to the lady.  Lucky me!

This morning I stepped out into the screen porch and was about to start complaining about the heat.  Instead, I noticed how fantastic the two little light green plants that I had smashed into a pot and set in the corner plant stand were doing.   Surprise, surprise, I still had the tag stuck down in the back of the pot.  Here’s the name; ‘Mezoo Trailing Red'(Dorotheathus).  And such a good sport; “excellent heat tolerance, excellent drought tolerance, full sun to full shade, with a trailing growth habit.”  I’m saving this tag for next year.  If you want a pretty foliage plant to dress up your porch don’t look any further.  Just keep quiet and listen to me!

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