Tuesday Breakfast

A time of peace and quiet in the kitchen at the RedBarn.  I suppose it is needed and necessary if I am going to ever start on my ‘to do’ list of yard work, creative ideas and on and on.   Yet I much prefer the days of children and grandchildren waking up in the bedrooms above my head and the comforting sounds made as they play in the hall or pad down the steps to find me.  I am indeed the only one here, which means I can eat whatever I want for breakfast!

All of us folks who made the decision to plop a few plants in and scatter some seeds in late spring are feeling very lucky right now!  When the fresh produce starts rolling in I eat it for every meal I can.  Today my brain landed on this genius idea; mashing up a ripe avocado and mixing it in with last night’s fresh salsa(3 chopped Roma tomatos, 1 large white onion, cilantro, lime juice, dash of vinagar, coarsely ground salt and pepper)  Mmmmmm, good idea, brain!

Ok, I’ll admit, it’s not a very pretty breakfast. Except the Chocolate Beauty Sweet Peppers; I ate them too!  Peace and quiet; a brain altering condition.  Today it caused  me to think about my friend Julie, who has the best dry sense of humor. . . along with her other good qualities.  I really hope no one is peeking in my window, as I am laughing alone with my morning coffee and enjoying the mental reruns of her laughable one liners.  She sent  a compliment on one of my photos by saying, “You could probably make my trash look good.” Truth is, I take plenty of photos that require deleting, have scrapped creative projects that dipped below the line of ‘sharable’ and can create some of the most god-awful, ugly things to eat too.

Take a good look because I don’t show my ugly side very often.  Especially you, Julie. . . . . who can make a lettuce leaf on a plate look like a fashion show!


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