‘Clumsy’ Checks The Plants

With a hint of fall in the air, I decided to survey the garden plants and take note of which ones actually flourished during the hot and dry spell that has come to an end. Devine air temperatures  in the 70’s are complimenting the desperately needed rainfall that  arrived in western Minnesota; watering my neighbor’s fields and my little gardens.   Look at those ornamental cabbages, growing like nobody’s business!!  Soon pumpkin-picking time, I think to myself, and won’t the cabbage plants look wonderful with the pumpkins scattered about among them?

Just then, I lift my feet to step through the little garden, hook my dirty left garden shoe on the neck of an unlooking ceramic goose and gracefully(sure)smash my right dirty garden shoe down smack on top of the most prominent cabbage plant I have growing.  Standing back, I can’t believe what I just did.   This tough plant lasted through the drought and heat and dog and kids.   Now, I have to be the one to cause this catastrophe?

It’s worth a laugh and a few extra moments of staring at the broken plant to think about my  dear mom.  You never know when those moments will happen.   We always used to share the ‘really-dumb-can-you-believe-I-did-that’ parts of our day with each other.  I miss that.   Some days we had a good contest going on.   She would most likely offer some words of encouragement,” Well, be glad you didn’t break your ankle.  It’s only a plant.”

How about I set the bunny  in the severed leaves and pretend he’s arrived for a luncheon?

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