Color? What Color?

I love color-especially red!   The brighter the better! I’m a little ‘chicken’ to use bright, bold color in upholstery, wrap my hips in it or wear it on my lips. In my mind. . . . .I see it and love it!  Why is that a problem?  It shouldn’t be.  There is a crazy idea that lands in my head sometimes as I jump from one creative project to the next.  I suppose you could call it a challenge or pushing myself out of the comfort zone.  Where do we get these troublesome, mind-stretching ideas from?  Can we blame our feeble old elementary teachers who tried to pry open our little minds.   I don’t recall my on-the-farm, Minnesota parents having much time for creative ideas so they are safe from blame.  My artsy friends are always talking about stretching themselves-let’s blame them!

The big challenge I’ve given myself is to lay all color aside-just for today.  It hurts but I’m staying with it.   The eye sees new elements when color steps aside: shape, texture, intensity.  Even the element of emotion is portrayed differently.  What is warm and soothing in color can look stark and forlorn when color is gone. . .or simply crisp.

These photos are from my collection called, ‘RedBarn Neighborhood’.   Honestly, I’m moving past uncomfortable and having a little fun experimenting in black and white and a little brown.    Causing a recent photo to look old and vintage by creating a grainy look?  That’s fun too!


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