Oh, eggplant, dear eggplant, you of majestic, royal hue and curvaceous shape among the garden fair, why, oh why, can’t I acquire a taste for you?

I did not,  technically, lie to Liz when she graciously offered to pluck a large eggplant from her fair plant and add it to the pail full of garden gifts she was filling for me.  My silent nod meant,” yes, I do love it and really, really do want it. . . .just not for eating.”

The early Monday morning sun came streaming into the back yard screen-porch and created a gift of light upon the  table still life setting. Wow!  Simply watching the sunlight rise and fill the morning space  felt like a personal late summer gift from my Creator.  I’ll admit, there is also a feeling of all-around general triumph in seeing the sunrise and feeling the cool air. . . . .when you’re not often described as a morning person.

may break down and try the Baba Ghanoush(roasted egg-plant dip)recipe I have pinned to my kitchen board.  Must be a good sport and give the whole eggplant-eating-thing one more try!

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