How’d You Like Your Potato Done?

Well, certainly not like this!!!  I’ve started a little country-girl habit of running down to the garden and digging just enough potatoes to go on the grill, with something else, for our evening meal.  Once their lovely Yukon Gold skins get scrubbed up and poked with a fork they hit the top rack of the grill and slow-roast for 30 minutes before any meat option joins them.  It creates the most delicious baked potato flavor that can possibly exist in the whole wide world.  I mean it!!   Getting late, nearly 7:00 p.m., so I recruited some  help from my tired hubby last night.  Thinking back, I felt kind of ‘squirmy’ inside when I asked him to go start the grill.  That must be the feeling you get when you know you should ‘go with your gut’. . . .and you don’t.  Ten minutes later, in the middle of stirring a pan of  frying onion on the stove top, my gut squirmed again and I called from the kitchen to the man on the couch, “Hon, you maybe should check that grill.  It gets a little hot lately, even on medium.”

Here’s the point where I’m really happy about living in the country.  As I peeked out the window and saw him approaching the grill, I asked what the temperature gauge was reading. (I could already see the flames shooting out)  The man was reaching to lift up the grill cover.  Now, I can handle burnt potatoes but not burnt husband!   Let’s just say that I ‘raised my voice.’  ” Ah, the temperature gauge says 1000 degrees,” he replied through a very faint smile. He felt bad and even suggested that they may be ‘just fine’ once everything cooled down.  I agreed, of course. . . .just to get him to back away from that HOT grill.

I love that man and he’s good at so many things.  He sure  does know how to get out of cookin’!

 A couple of lucky leftovers got tossed in the microwave, after we laughed our fool heads off!

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