Joe’s Having Issues

Truth is, I’m having issues with Joe!  After 4 years of being my feathered, RedBarn pal,Rooster Joe is starting to act. . . . . . like a rooster!  While other friends say awful things about their own rooster’s  behavior, I’ve been bragging about how sweet Joe is!  No more!  His eye is always on me when I come near and his spurs are looking sharp.  What’s up with this, Joe? If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is there any hope at all of teaching an older rooster how to go back to being. . . .nice?

Joe begins to strut and crows me a loud warning if I get near one of his hens.  I keep my eye on his curly, sharp spurs and don’t turn my back.  If he gets to jumping around my leg again anytime soon I will be pulling ideas from my cookbook shelf!  Hope he reads this!



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