Orange Pumpkin

There he is!  One brave pumpkin in the RedBarn pumpkin patch has made the leap from green to orange.  Isn’t the first week of August a mite early for this?

I hope he has  plans to keep on growing until the first days of October.  That is when we cut the stems, load them in the box on the old yellow 47′ Chevy pickup and have us a ‘Pumpkin Sale’.  Yup, right here at the RedBarn, during the first October weekend, when hundreds of Meander visitors travel down our little gravel road in search of original artistic finds.  The ‘pumpkin money’ always goes to someone  in need.  It’s a happy faced visitor walking down the driveway. . . painting tucked under one arm, wood-carving stuck high in the pit of the other  and all ten fingers curled around the stems of three or four ‘future pies’.

Each summer, about this time, I survey the green sea of leaf and vine and seriously wonder if it will produce the truck load  of orange delight needed  to brighten up the barn for autumn.  Some years the crop is more abundant than at other times but we’ve never been skunked!  That’s the joy in farming!

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