Parade, A View From The Heart

Opened  my new copy of ‘American Photo’ magazine to find my eyes landing upon written words about tenacious, 101 year old, Ruth Gruber.  She has an I’ve been-there-and-done-it list longer than this RedBarn, tomatoe-eating girl about half that age can hope to achieve: journalist, photographer,world traveler, early foreign correspondent.  In her book, Witness,  she shares her first-hand knowledge and photos of Holocaust refugee travels.   Serious thoughts, awful circumstances. . . .so much to ponder about the conditions those brave souls endured.  Among it all she is thoughtful enough to share her best advice with  other photographers, “Take pictures with your heart.”

I closed the magazine, grabbed my Sony camera, and headed into Ortonville, Minnesota  to find my spot on the street for viewing the entries in the Cornfest  2012 Parade.  The atmosphere was festive and smiling faces were abundant.  I loved my new assignment!  The advice Ms. Gruber shared  certainly gave me interpretive freedom behind the lens.  No one to please, no have-to-catch snapshots. . . .just keep my finger on the camera button and listen to my heart.  I’ve always loved  casual people shots; it surprises me how many photographers really don’t feel comfortable doing this.   I have never been swung at or had my camera confiscated. . .yet!

My favorites, from the heart!  Little poochie, Theo, stole my heart before the parade even got started.

 Girlfriend, Brenda, strikes the perfect pose to match her open heart and ‘what can I do to help you’ attitude toward life!(your golf swing is darn sweet this year too, honey)


Kids throwing candy and waving from the BSC fire truck were simply the heart-stealers!  Pride aside, it takes a special guy to own the job of following the horses.  There’s Amy, belting out her song of praise, for the good Lord, from the back of a moving pick-up truck.  No guts-no glory?

 Lovely Katie grew up and became the mom, driving the hot red car. Looky here, daughter Abbie, who should still be in diapers, grew up and became the queen!

Strong faith connections in small-town Minnesota.  My old friend, Joey, has himself a summer job at GoFasters, where they have all the hot outdoor toys-fun!  It’s nice to see great kids like Kyle grow into adults and become the so-important face of our rural law enforcement.

Volunteers who cook the corn and take care of that beast they call the corn-cooker. . .bless your hearts!  Dear families who join together to support each other when loved ones are off protecting the basic right to a life of safety and freedom. . .you know the meaning of bravery.  Does anyone know a kid who doesn’t want a tractor ride? 


Ah, dear fireman, thanks for sparing me the bath you so could have given me!  I’ve admired Kerry for years and now I get to tell her so!  She is the mother of three handsome little boys and yet finds time to teach scores of little girls how to dance it up and perform when they join her Just For Kix classes.  Can’t resist-once a football mom, always a football mom-you have my heart boys!

 Grand Marshall, Mel, his wife Betty and driver, Jeff; three of the kindest people you’d want to encounter.  Real day brighteners, all!

How do you get this job?   I might be interested!


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    1. I totally agree with Becky Parker–You have your heart in the right place!! And you have the “rural good sense” to see what is so very important about an annual celebratory parade!! You have caputured the faces and smiles of the folks who make a town a “real place” Thank you for doing that again!
      Lake Mo

    2. Thank you, Becky! I’m so excited that you will have my blue bike photo hung in your home!!!

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