RedBarn Focaccia

Plenty of chores to do outside and wouldn’t you know. . . .I’m in the mood to bake.  I’ve been thinking about making a flatbread. It’s like wanting a horse, or seeing new boots that would look so good with your cowboy jeans. . . .when you get the idea in your head it’s just plain stuck there until you get the job done!  Since it’s one of the oldest and most eaten foods in the world and comes in all shapes, sizes and textures. . . you can’t mess it up.  Crush some grain, cook it on a  hot rock  or climb out of the cave and find an open fire. Or, copy my chosen style and pull  out your well-used baking stone while the kitchen genie warms up the big black box on the wall to 425.   Two things in mind; I can’t let this take all day and I want this to be an opportunity to show off my fresh veggies and herbs. (Ok, #3 is I’m hungry for a dry, yet chewy, focaccia style of bread)  Some of my past bread-baking attempts, when hoping for light and moist, have taken the whole afternoon with a less-than-delightful food product resulting.  This time I’ve decided to accept  help from old friend, Bob.  He and  his pals in Oregon at the Red Mill have taken the fuss out of making a quick flatbread base by using their whole grain pizza dough mix.  Nice idea!

Yes, a satisfying project in more ways than one.  Toppings used included: fresh Roma tomatoes, carmelized fresh onion, chopped jalapeno, freshly chopped basil, sage, rosemary and parsley, dried oregano,  assorted cheeses.   It was good right out of the oven.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was really good the next day when I warmed a piece for lunch.  The herbal flavors had settled in, mingled within the dough and the toppings, and the aroma was heavenly!  A little glass of dark red wine would compliment this taste . . . .in a superb manner.   Feels like a make-ahead appetizer to serve up at a little autumn party when the air turns crisp.

  Bake crust alone for 8 minutes.

Twelve minutes more(I turned the temp down a little) finishes the job!

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