Abandoned Farm Yard

Rounding a bend in the country road and laying eyes on a still-standing farm-yard of old buildings could make me feel wistful and melancholy, if I  let it.  On this cheerful autumn day happiness abounds.  Let’s call the scene a ‘vintage find’.  This one whispers of stories held within her walls and rafters.  I’d better not get too close.

It reminds me of the Artichoke township home that I spent my first two years of country life in.  I have many stored,very clear, visions of life in that sweet old house.  As I spoke of them, during my growing-up years, Mother would smile and insist, “You can’t possibly remember that house. You were only a baby.”

‘Vintage Find’

 Can’t resist it. . . .the lure of the old, so charming, farm-yard of a day gone by, windmill standing watch.



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